As a company that has been built on a solid foundation of leadership, outsourced sales and marketing experts, Brick Retail Events believes that mastering the art of language is imperative for business success.

Language has a significant impact on the way an individual thinks, perceives things, creates and lives. The words that a person decides to use influences the people around them, from stimulating an intellectual thought, to evoking an angry emotion. Because language is how we communicate, it is a powerful tool that defines the culture and productivity of an organisation. One only needs to listen to the words and language used in the day to day interactions at a company to determine the overall culture of that business.

Because language is compelling, there are certain words that one should avoid if a person wants to be a better leader, coach and mentor. Most people will use these phrases on a daily basis without being aware of the impact they have on their surrounding audience. Effective leaders should avoid the following words and phrases.

‘There is nothing I can do’ should be avoided because it suggests that the person is completely out of ideas or perhaps even control of a situation. Because effective leaders are solution-orientated individuals, they should never reveal that they are out of ideas because those following should lose faith. Replace with ‘if I could wave a magic wand I would…’

The terms ‘always’ and ‘never’ are very dangerous for a leader to use because people will remember and hold them accountable. People and business changes, so instead, leaders should be using ‘usually’ or ‘sometimes’.

To be a good leader, an individual should be confident and open to new ideas.  Avoid using ‘No, because…’ it demonstrates negativity, and if said too much, it will result in people stopping giving ideas altogether. ‘Yes, we could do that if…’ shows a leader is open to ideas but sets boundaries.

Brick Retail Events’s CEO, James Sagar, teaches their contractors about leadership skills, and the firm have recently been focusing on the language that their leaders are using. The firm believes that even a small tweak in language can have a significant impact on how a leader commands their team.

“A company needs to have first-class leaders if they are to be successful.  This is why we invest time into the leaders within the organisation, so productivity, confidence and business success is guaranteed,” said Mr Sagar from Brick Retail Events.